Dear Diary…..


Part of me wants to run far far away. The house is burning down. The ship is sinking. The herd is on the verge of stampede, and facing a sheer drop and certain death. I want to be far outside the chaos zone when shit hits the fan.  Yes I want to make a difference, but I’ll make a difference from my lakeside mountain cabin up in Norway somewhere thank you very much.

While I know there is nowhere to run and hide, there are no corners of the world where humanity can escape itself….I at least want to be far from the crazies. I don’t want to be in the midst of it. I don’t want to be supporting its systems. I don’t want the taxes I am forced to pay funding military attacks on innocent people.

I see the warning signs. The dreams. The visions. The intuition. The reality. Every empire has its rise and fall. The United States has been the world power for so long, but really….we were a failed experiment, and our moment in the sun is coming to an end. Nothing good has come of colonizing the United States. Nothing in the grand scheme of things that is. Im here and I’m happy about that… but this thing we call civilization, and how we have glorified its rise to power…I see it now for the monster it is.

Trump is Hitler.

Why don’t people see?

If this were Germany during the Nazi regime I would either be resisting from within or getting the hell out.

Well fuck me. What the fuck am I supposed to do here? How do I protect my family?

And then I think about things again. About what I KNOW. About what I know about myself.

What I know is that this is what I was made for. It is literally written in the stars.

I know the only healing comes from within, and it is from within that I must heal.

With love.

We must- I must- let go of the anger and the judgment of these people and gently love them and show them there is another way, and that it is a better way, a more fulfilling way.

Maybe, just because historically, every empire has risen and fallen, doesn’t mean thats the way it always has to be.

Maybe, instead of a painful descent, cilvil war, violent protests, and chaos in the streets… there can be a peaceful diffusion. A global realization we are all the same, and a gentle ripple of peace spread round the world, whose epicenter originates here, in the United States of America. It is our only chance for atonement. We owe it to the world and to ourselves. It is our birthright. We must all become these epicenters, in whatever ways we can.


A Conversation Between Two Women Who are NOT Okay




I few days ago I invited women to share their experiences with me concerning their views on recent events. Specifically the election. Someone sent me this email conversation between herself and another women. I think it is heartbreaking and speaks volumes. Their correspondence follows:



“I can’t even describe how sick my heart feels.

I think you and I are generally peaceful souls that try and co-exist with others who hold opposing opinions with genuine respect, an empathetic heart and an open-mind.

However, I don’t know how to move forward right now. I’m at work and I feel like I can’t concentrate on anything but this situation. I have loved ones who don’t seem to be bothered that people we know will be discriminated against based on their race, their gender, their kindness and compassion towards others…. That our political parties cries are differentiated by “What about me?” versus “What about us?”. That we can tell others get out of MY country/stay out of My country, when MY country is built off the backs of immigrants, including the POTUS-because he doesn’t look Native American to me.  As a friend of mine put it, soon a corpse will have more rights to determine what is done with their body (via organ donation) than a living woman. 

I try very hard to keep updated on what is happening right now. Some of these new policies give me hope (giving women more time for bonding), some news opens my mind*, but most of it just makes me nauseous through my entire being. I don’t want to fight with my family and friends. I’m trying desperately to drink the kool-aid from the other side. that is drowning in it’s artificial flavorings and alternative sugars but I just can’t keep it down- the taste is so terrible. 

I don’t feel comfortable posting my opinions in an open forum. I live with my in-laws who are highly Pro-Trump. One of them particularly mirrors many of Trump’s opinions and qualities. I’ve taken to explaining to my daughter, during moments we are alone, that just because some of the fruit snacks are different shapes and colors doesn’t mean some are yucky and some are not. They are still all fruit snacks. I know most of this doesn’t make sense to her but I feel like I need to explain this in a way she understands before other examples take hold first. 

 I’ve never thought of myself as a liberal or a feminist but I’ve been told I’m acting like both. I’m not sure what to make of it. It’s like trying on new clothes for the first time and trying to gauge if they fit…To be honest I’ve never thought of myself as anything but just that…myself. The only good thing, is I think this will be the year that I really do care about politics and become active in them. I just need to find a new place to live first…*sigh*. 

I admire your courage to always speak your beautiful mind. Feels like my heart and my head are constantly battling even though I know if my heart loses, there’s no point in moving forward.

With love,”


“I dont even know what to say right now. Its like my throat is closed and I want to cry but I have no tears left in me. Im shaking. Your words have really really moved me. They hurt me too. I can feel your pain, right now it feels almost like a dull ache in my heart and tightening in my gut. And rather than getting better with time, these sensations just seem to intensify. In these moments I remind myself to pause, breathe deeply and slowly, and ground. Do you know how to ground? Its really easy if you don’t, just google it. But basically it just putting your bare feet on the earth and consciously breathing for a moment or visualizing a cord extending down from the base of your spine into the center of the earth like a root. I like the root visualization because I can then imagine the earth sucking out of me all that which I no longer need (fear, self-doubt, stress, anger, jealousy), and turning into nutrient dense, rich, fertile matter. At the same time I can also feel the earths core energy being drawn up through this imagined root, or grounding cord, as it is sometimes called, up through my spine to heal and invigorate my entire being. It also makes me feel more solid, and connected to the world, especially when my mind seems like it wants to spin off into chaos, which seems to be more and more these days. So I’ve been using this technique a lot. Especially when I’m inside, when I find myself getting emotional, or when I feel like I’m the only one really paying attention and taking this shit seriously and if I don’t invest all the energy thinking about it, questioning things, making plans, and making changes, who will? All this mental activity sometimes takes me far away from actual reality and the present moment which of course defeats the whole purpose and is contradictory to everything I believe, so yeah…..nothing about this process is going to be easy. But I also don’t think it needs to be a traumatic transition either.

You are right in saying I am very empathetic. That is easy. It comes naturally. I think this is a gift especially strong in our sex. I make a real effort to stay open minded and respectful and honestly love a good debate. I love daring people to prove me wrong, and then stepping back and offering them a real opportunity to do so. I am not threatened by the idea of being wrong. I am terrified by the idea of becoming complacent and get off of the chance to expand my horizons.

You are also right, so SOOOO right, in saying it is not about our political parities. Its not about ME, but WE. (As above so below, notice how its present even in the symbolic representation of our words and what they stand for!) And the fact that people don’t see this, that they in-fact seem incapable (or just unwilling) to see this, is what has me really upset.

The Native American issue is a whole other topic. One I feel VERY strongly about and one I feel we as a culture and American society need to address. What we did to the Native Americans was a crime against humanity. And we never really claimed it. Never really apologized for it. Heck even as recently as my education, I was still being taught all the bullshit about columbus discovering America and what progress we as a country have made since then. Its a very important topic because its one we are still not taking responsibility for. Native Americans are still marginalized, still unprotected, still abused, still overlooked by our “system”. The suicide rates of children, CHILDREN! on reservations is gut wrenching. And no one is talking about it or doing anything about it. Drugs and alcoholism run rampant. Poverty is the norm. We did this to them. Our country and what we represent. Its not right.

Same thing with the immigrants. Just like you said, I feel like telling every person who complains about illegal immigrants to go home and stare in the mirror for a couple of hours. Or to start doing some digging into their family history. Anti-immigration and proud american? Hmmmm….seems a little contradictory doesn’t it. Especially if you actually do care about where our country came from and what it stands for as you so adamantly claim to do.

Its makes me smirk like a psycho to here people in southern california complaining so vehemently about the immigrants. First of all, at least in my area,  just come out with it and say Mexicans and stop trying to make yourself feel better about the fact that you’re a fearful racist jerk. Secondly, be aware of the fact that up until very recently in our countries history, california was a part of mexico. THIS WAS MEXICO! Taken by us with clever scheming and dirty negotiating. Research it. So it’s YOU who is out of your element, not the immigrants. The immigrants are trying to make the best life they can for themselves given the cards they’ve been dealt, (the cards WE dealt them) just as you have asshole. grrrrrrrr.

The right to maintain control of our bodies is one of the most important fights we can fight. You and I know this. It needs no explanation and I only pity the woman who thinks otherwise.


The POTUS is a joke. A sick joke with essentially a mail order bride. No self respecting woman would stand beside a man like that. How do we not see the irony?

Stop drinking the Kool-aid. Its toxic. You can feel it making you sick. You can feel your body resisting. When your body needs to puke, to purge, to remove the toxins and the source of the illness, let it! Don’t hold it in! Don’t keep taking the “medicine” that keeps you from responding in the way you are naturally meant to respond in order to heal and protect your health!

I am a liberal and a feminist and I am proud to be both. Yet ultimately, these are just labels I use to crystallize my individual identity, which I am starting to question more and more by the way. These labels help me to focus my energy and remind me to stay vigilant and on high alert. They are little reminders of what values are important to me. Right now, every warning bell in my system is going off. I would be stupid to ignore it. Whether you identify with such labels or choose to use them for empowerment or for discrimination is always up to the individual. What you are is a woman. A powerful aware woman and a part of god. You are connected enough to FEEL what is happening here. And this is what we need more of. That understanding, that knowing that comes not from books or the news or statistics, or the majority of your friends on fb, but from deep in the womb, the gut, the heart. Don’t let people make you feel bad about having these powers. Don’t let the names they call you because of these powers shrink who you are and what you are capable of. You are right. You are just yourself. You are nothing. And you are everything. There is extreme power and freedom in that knowledge. But I a still deciding what to do with it.

Realize most people don’t even know who they are. They don’t know how to care for themselves. They don’t know how to think for themselves. They don’t know what makes them happy. They don’t know what their emotions are or how to work with them. But YOU, you are in touch with your soul. Don’t look the other way. Protect it, and it will protect you.

All I can say is thank you. Thank you for being brave enough to be you, and to allow yourself to feel what you feel. I know how scary this is. I also know how frustrating it is to be surrounded by people who don’t seem to be all that bothered about what is going on and are apparently perfectly content to just go on living life the way it is no questions asked. Even those who are “liberal” and upset by all this, and I count myself amongst this category, are complaining too loudly and focusing on all the wrong things. But no one is actually doing anything about it. I don’t see anyone asking, what can I do, what can WE do, right now, today, to effect change? No one wants to stop driving cars. To stop buying packaged food. To turn off the lights and go to bed when it gets dark. To have to deal with waiting for cloths to line dry, or to have to chop wood and build a fire for heat. But from my perspective, this little shit…this is the stuff that really matters. Its choices like these that are going to make a real difference, and are really our only hope in the long run.

I see a lot of people talking a big game about love and peace and getting along, but not a lot of people turning to their neighbors and saying “how can I help you? How can you and I work together to ensure we are helping to contribute to a community we can be proud to be a part of?” And I am guilty of this as well. Why? Because I’m afraid. Im afraid of the fallout, of being ostracized, because my community is very pro-trump. And history hasn’t really favored anyone who vocally thinks outside the norm until after said person/s have long since been martyred for the greater good. Think of the witches. Think of Joan of Arch. Think of Jesus and all the Saints. Honestly I don’t want that to be me. But I also don’t want to be fearful and intimidated. Generations of staying silent and enduring this insane repression have gotten us nowhere and it is costing us everything. Maybe thats why I’m so mad. Im mostly mad at myself. Because I know I need to be doing more and am still just trying to build up the nerve to leave my comfort zone. I’m just as bad as the rest and its maddening.

Its maddening because were not really crazy! We’re a few of the sane ones, the ones who for whatever reason have been blessed with clarity of sight and thought and for the sake of our children, and the sake of our own souls, we cant just ignore what is right in front of our faces.

It blows my mind, BLOWS MY MIND, that people, people I love and care about, like my mother and my husband, can see what is happening, are also enraged by what is going on, yet are still not doing anything about it! They act like they don’t have a choice! They say they have no other options. And they do!
I understand responsibility. I understand the value of security, but at what cost??? They are wasting their lives. Literally wasting their lives, going to work everyday, just to get money. Just to meet our basic needs. Just to get by in a system that is built on the mistreatment of LIFE. They are spending the majority of their lives away from family and loved ones, working to make someone else a financial profit, doing things they don’t enjoy, just because they feel like there is no other way.

There is always another way. We may not like that other way. That other way may not be as comfortable or convenient as what we are used to. But there is always another way.

And to me, nothing is worth the smiles I get from my children. The embraces I melt into with my husband. The times I walk out into nature with my girls with no agenda and nothing that needs to get done expect for feeling the wind and sun and hearing Mother Earth sing and sigh around me. I want more of those moments. And maybe it shouldn’t, but it infuriates me that (———) is ok with sacrificing these moments so he can be the family bread winner and feel like he is “doing his job”. Fuck jobs. I want to LIVE.

I see why he feels this way, I understand, I do. But its like, once you have been made aware, how can you just look away, how can you remain ok with business as usual?

And I know this is all easier said than done. I know that unlike my husband and my mother, I have been blessed enough to be put in a position where I do not have to work, where I am removed from the situation and can watch what is going on from an outside perspective. Because I don’t work, I have had the time and space to be a mother, and to do the personal introspection and soul work I find necessary to do in order to be the best mother I can be. The reason I have been so blessed is BECAUSE OF my husband and my mom, so this is hard to talk about with them. They have sacrificed for this freedom I enjoy they each did so willingly, out of love for me, and never asked for anything in return. And in return they are held bound to the system. Its not right. Its slavery. I want them free. But it seems like I want their freedom more than they themselves do. And heres where I get stuck. Where do I draw the line between respecting their own perspectives, choices, and personal sovereignty, and feeling like because they have given me this gift of awareness it is my duty to return the favor and use my time and resources to find another way of living that is more in alignment with the kind of people we claim we all want to be…yet when I talk about it they say they understand and want out of the system, they just need to stay in it a little longer for XYZ. Its easy for me to talk about and think about. Because I don’t understand. I don’t have to work. I am being cared for. I am not responsible for meeting the financial needs of my family.  And I don’t know what the answer is. Where do I respect their choices and where do I stick up for MY choices when their choices are affecting my life in ways that make me uncomfortable. (And I cant even imagine what you must be feeling because at least both hubby & mama are total open minded hippie folk. And yet they are STILL seemingly hesitating to take action. As am I. I know it). Maybe this is what infuriates me:

My family has other needs that are more important than financial that are not being met. Such as:

*The need for freedom.

*The need for open land in all its natural glory and for fresh air.

*The need to be NAKED, to allow the sun to touch every inch of our skin. It is a nutrient! We NEED it! And yet being naked and showing our god-given bodies is offensive and illegal??

*The need for healthy, nutrient dense food that enhances rather than diminishes vitality.

*The need for making art and being creative, and having the time and space to do so.

*The need to feel part of a community. To work together with other human beings as part of a greater whole. Human beings are tribal! We are pack animals! (herd animals more likely it seems).

*The need for a clean fresh water source, and a home that protects and nurtures and is free from toxins and carcinogens.

*The need for the time, space, and energy to treat lovemaking as it should be treated: Something sacred.  A VERY important part of overall well being. A bridge between our mortal selves and the divine. Not something to be rushed, squeezed in, hurried, or performed out of obligation.

*The time to eat slowly, gratefully, consciously, and the presence and awareness to do so.

*The need to celebrate life and holidays in a meaningful way with people we love, not our pathetic commercial marketing ploys and gatherings where everyone is too out of touch, scared, and insecure, and medicated to make any real connection with anyone else.

*The need to have a purpose and a spirituality that means something, that speaks to the truth of our hearts, and not just to what our forefathers have done and majority does around us.

*The need to live a life where you can confidently say with your last breath: I have no regrets. “I lived this life fully. I held nothing back.”

Money plays a part. It is not everything. And it pales in significance to what I really value. And are these really my families needs or just my own? And again, where do I draw the line?

I dont know what I’m waiting for. I feel like Im a wolf, and I married a labrador when I should have married another wolf. Now we have little hybrid babies. But when I look at them, it’s clear. They are mostly wolf. Like me. And we belong in the wild. We don’t belong in this zoo, this madhouse. But now I’m in love with the labrador, and he doesn’t want to leave behind this life we’ve built together. He would rather remain and be comfortable and miss out on the majority of his daughters childhood. On the majority of me in my sexual and creative prime. On the majority of HIS life as well! This is insanity to me! and yet I honestly love him. It pains me to see him living this way even though he is perfectly happy. Why? How do I navigate what I want and what the people I care most about want? Especially when my spirituality leads me to believe, to know in my heart, that we are all one and the same. We are all connected. We are all just little pieces of God or Goddess or the Universe or Spirit or whatever you want to call it. So how to I integrate this inner knowing with this outer ego. This divided reality?

I know I will wither and grow either resentful, crazy, or ill if i remain living life the way we are, and don’t get me wrong, I love life! I am actually really really happy! I have it made! But that doesn’t mean I’m blind or stupid. That doesn’t mean I don’t see whats really going on. My comfort is built on a shaky foundation. I am placing comfort and the illusion of control and security over freedom and true responsibility. My lifestyle is hurting other people. Its harming the environment. I claim to give a shit, but I’m just over here taking the blue pill. I believe all relationships are mirrors and maybe this is what frustrates me so much about my man/ mom. Maybe we are all just waiting for the other person to take the first step, to give the green light, when really, the power lies only with ourselves. Ultimately I know I’m talking the talk and not walking the walk, but I don’t feel like I can do it alone, and the people whose support I need are not ready to walk the walk. They want time. They want a few years. A few year to figure things out. Figure what out?! What is there to figure out??! finances? really!? We own houses and shit. We own houses in CALIFORNIA. We are the elite of the human population. Sell houses, but land, learn to live. To really live. Why are we waiting? Why do we feel like we have time to spare?

I also know if I get the Labrador to follow me into the woods he will thrive. He will flourish and be happier than ever living more like a wolf. But it breaks my heart to feel like I have to drag him…..

People act confused, perplexed at the state of things. Its really very clear to me. We have enslaved ourselves. We are supposed to be free and wild, as life is free and wild, yet we’ve put ourselves in these zoos and cut ourselves off from the natural world completely. We have even deprived ourselves of the basic skills needed for human survival. Skills like fire building, hunting, gathering, making things, caring for our own bodies, using natural medicines, giving birth, having sex, reading weather patterns, understanding the language of animals… the list goes on. How is it that knowing who the 35th president of the united states was or what positions are held in the house/senate is more important than knowing how to survive? How is it, that it is more important for us to prepare our children for college and a good career, rather than teaching them how to meditate, take care of their bodies and the environment, and be happy, healthy individuals who add value and diversity to their communities?

I’m still trying to figure things out myself, but the only thing i can say to you is stay strong and follow your heart. For both of our sakes I am going to try and do the same. Listen you your body. It does not lie. Your intuition is always right. I know this. Yet I still question myself (although I am getting better at this, through a lot of hard work and positive affirmations lol).

Think about how you want to raise your daughter, what you want to teach her. She can sense the energy around her, just as we can, no words are needed. If the energy around her is constricting, fearful, racist, or divisive, this is what she is going to be imprinted with. If you are quietly explaining to her in your moments alone the importance of diversity and acceptance, it is definitely doing her well and better than nothing. Goddess bless you from the bottom of my heart for being a good mother, I really mean that. Yet also be aware of what your actions are teaching her: To remain silent in the face of opposition and endure. To favor a false sense of peace over facing the truth and learning to handle emotions and conflicts. To see speaking of acceptance and love and empathy as something to hide, to not speak freely about, a topic not fit for daily conversion. And I know why you are doing it. Its a safety thing. Do you want her growing up around that or do you want her growing up in an environment where everyone is always arguing and her mother is always feeling attacked and on the defense and there is always a sense of tension in the air? But what of neither of those options is good enough. Then what can we do?

And this is something else that makes me really mad. Everyone looks at me like “oh you have it so made! you are so lucky you get to be a stay at home mom and that you husband is willing to go to work to support you and your children! You get to do whatever you want. You are so spoiled and pampered. What an easy life. Staying home with the kids all day making sandwiches and playing in the garden.”

Yes and no.

Yes, I AM veeerrryyyyy lucky. I am so fortunate and feel so so grateful for how blessed I am.

I would not change anything about my choices or where I am now. I don’t want to do anything other than raise my children and enjoy life together with Andrew and I an so grateful to him and will love him past eternity for giving me this chance. I chose to be a stay at home mom and I stand by that choice. That doesn’t mean I don’t acknowledge what I have given up.

I have sacrificed, and I continue to do so everyday. But where once they were sacrifices I gave willingly, not I feel they are being expected, or even taken. Everyday I feel like I am sacrificing part of my freedom. Every day I feel like I am being forced to be a hypocrite. Why? Because of the fact that in choosing to be a stay-at-home-mom I gave up my personal sovereignty. I gave up my financial freedom  (and my sexual freedom!) and therefore any right to have too large of a say in our lifestyle because, “Im not the one who has to provide for the family”, (are you fucking kidding me???). So while I really want to just seriously figure out how to disentangle myself from this mess, like NOW, I am forced to sit here tapping my foot and twiddling my thumbs waiting for those I care about, those I love, and those I essentially depend on, to feel confident enough to make the changes I want because said person/s is ultimately in control of how we live and everyone supports this arrangement, whether it is spoken or not. And I know he is only acting out of love and with the best intentions, but i feel like the house is burning down and he’s calming packing his bags and calling the carpenter to let him know were gonna need a new floor installed when I just want to get the fuck out and we can figure out the details later. Am I wrong? Maybe. Fuck I hope so. I really do. Am I crazy? sometimes I feel like it. But deep down I know I’m not. Deep down I know I’m not wrong and Im actually very very sane because I am in touch with what is deep down, what is in the dark, in the shadows.

How long am I willing to wait for the life I ultimately want to be living and what am I willing to give up to get it? I honestly don’t know. I just know I need to be brave enough to go after what it is I really want. Im not there yet, but I am trying.

I told my husband I wanted an open relationship. It did not go well. To me, its not about sex, its about freedom and control of my body. He does not see it this way. We’ve worked through it and come to an agreement, and I can talk to you more about this if you want cuz I can write a whole book on this topic alone, man it was a wild ride..I mention it only to show you the kind of drastic changes I think need to be made. A radical shift in thinking, mental programming, and child ingrained habits, and a new level of awareness and willingness to venture into uncharted territory.

I DO think it is important to speak out and share our stories and experiences. Even if we are doing so anonymously. 1) It is VERY therapeutic and often offers radical insights into seemingly complex emotions and situations 2) It gets us used to using our voice and speaking our minds, and doing so in a way that can be safe and easily controlled 3) It shows other like minded individuals that they are not alone, they are not crazy, and that these feelings and experiences we are having are real, they are valid, and they are shared.

If we as women claim our power, and make a commitment to protect, defend, and stand up for not only ourselves, but each other, we can save the world. And so so with grace, ease, and true beauty.

Thank you so much for writing me. You have really inspired me. Just the fact you had the guts to face and put a voice to what you are feeling. And what you are feeling is so so powerful and should not be ignored. I think women ignoring that inner voice in favor of “peace” is part of what got us so deep in this mess to begin with.

Much love to you. Know things will be alright. Nature always wins. And we are part of nature. As long as we are in touch with who we really are. If we aren’t, we become an agent of disharmony, and we all know how life handles that which causes disharmony. Life force is constantly trying to create harmony, to restore balance. We can use that to our advantage or not.”

Visions & Dreams



I had a dream last night.

We were in our home when I looked out of the window and noticed a large plume of gray smoke. 

“Look!” I told Andrew, “There’s a fire!”

“Oh shit!” he exclaimed as we both ran to the window and looked out. 

The gray plume was getting larger and quickly turning dark and menacing. (We recently had the real life experience of having our home threatened by a wildfire, so similar feelings were triggered in the dream.)

In the dream, just like in reality, Andrew and I immediately turned from the window and began to move about and assess the situation. I promptly went and located both my girls, thought about what I wanted to grab, and started packing frantically. After shoving a few things in a bag I thought to go check on the progress of the fire again and see what Andrew had grabbed. To my horror, I looked out the window to see flames, smoke, and ash, raining down from the sky and blocking out all other light. The fire was upon us! And it was hellish! 

I dropped my bag and sprinted from the window to find Andrew and the kids, and to my even  greater horror, they were all just kicking back in the bedroom! Andrew literally had his feet up and was reading a book to Mayla. We were doomed. 


My mom told me after Trump was sworn in she had a dream that women were being rounded up and having their nipples chopped off and their vaginas cut.

This is real life.

This is what is our subconscious has going on right now. I believe this is a reflection of the global female psyche…..

Is anyone else having these kinds of experiences?

A Word About “Snowflakes”:


I keep hearing this term “snowflake” being tossed around. In fact, people keep calling ME, a snowflake. Im not really sure why or what this means. But I think its a way of somehow trying to mock me or call me sensitive or delicate or something. Which is silly because I usually get called a snowflake right around the time I ask a question the snowflake-hater cannot answer. In fact, rather than acknowledge that I have even asked a question, they prefer to just call me a sensitive snowflake and leave it at that. If I press the issue, lets just say I am rarely the first one to loose my cool. And who is the sensitive one here? By the way, why are we even slanging the terms “sensitive” and “delicate” around like they’re bad things? Like being described as such is an insult? Maybe if this is how you feel and this is what you are alluding to, you are part of the problem. Maybe what the world needs is a little more sensitivity and recognition of the fact that LIFE IS DELICATE. Its precious and perfect and we’ve been messing with things we shouldn’t be messing with and sticking our noses where they don’t belong trying to play god and dominate mother nature. Fools. All of us. And actually, if you are calling me a snowflake, I know you voted for trump, so yes, i think you are part of the problem. And I will tell you why on an individual basis as time allows if you want me to point out all the ways you are completely insane. Not to insult you or to prove that I am right and you are wrong. I will challenge you with respect, with research, and with an open mind, as mature adults are supposed to be able to do. Because I legitimately do want to change your mind. Your mentality, your way of thinking, threatens everything I hold dear. If you feel the same about me and mine, I want to know why. Im serious. 

Maybe a snowflake means someone who questions things??? 

Anyways I’ve been called a lot worse. I can handle being a snowflake. A unique little crystal being that flies through the air, kisses any exposed skin it finds with unmatched gentleness (or ferocity, depending on the circumstance ;)) , sparkles, scatters light, is filled with a thousand little rainbows and contains oceans and breath and elements of the earth….I fuckin love snowflakes. I was playing with them and enjoying their pure soft beauty all weekend…….

…….Enough snowflakes and you’ll freeze to death. Enough snowflakes will bury you alive. Enough snowflakes will cause an avalanche that will wipe out your entire little matchstick village. Enough snowflakes will melt into the ground and become the first heralds of Springs’ new life. Of fresh growth and new beginnings. Of REBIRTH. Or they will melt into a torrent of flood waters whose waves you cannot out run. Be ready. There are a lot of snowflakes gathering. 


Howl Loud to Find Your Pack…



A couple of years ago I had the idea to start a blog with a couple of friends called “She Is Howling”, the idea behind it being that it would be more of a communal blog where women from all walks of life across the globe speak to the issues they are passionate about and the experience of being a women in todays world regardless of politics, nationalities, religions, or any other isolating affiliations or identifications.

I purchased the domain and started the blog, but nothing much ever came of it. I mention this now because in light if recent events, I am once more feeling the extreme urge to throw back my head and HOOOOOWWLLLLLLL out all my frustration, disbelief, anger, and rage.

Trump and his cronies are a real and legitimate threat to me. For the first time in my life, I feel personally threatened by my president. (If you need to ask why I probably don’t find you worth my time. But if you are REALLY legitimately curious, contact me privately and I will respond respectfully and thoughtfully.)

I realize I am now going to need to be more outspoken and politically active than ever before. So feel free to de-friend me now. I will not miss you on my feed nor will I take it personally. This is your fair warning!

But the first thing I feel called to do is address all this emotion and the power I feel welling up inside me. I know it is a collective power, and that women the world over are also feeling this because, well, that is the source of this energy. It is tangible, this connection between us, our shared values, our mutual understanding and respect for life. Our willingness to go to war to protect that which we love.

I want to scream. I want to scream at trump. “We are coming for you, you disgusting little man. You messed up. And now you are going to be held accountable. You and everything you represent are going to crumble beneath the wave of feminine force that is gathering before you. Around you. It is all powerful. Be afraid. Run. I WANT to chase you. I want the satisfaction of the inevitable result.”

But before I tear into the meat of it, before I start really investigating what actions I need to be taking in order to really be making a difference, before I can focus with the kind of intensity I know will be needed to be an activist that has true value and not just a big mouth, I need to move this energy, because it is burning me up inside.

I’m good at listening to my body and it is good at telling me what it wants. The relationship between my body and I is to the point where I know she doesn’t lie. So when she tells me she wants or needs something, I listen, even if my logical mind doesn’t necessarily get the reasoning.

Right now I just want to howl like a wolf and send shivers down the back of patriarchy. I want them to know I (WE) are coming. I know I feel like this because I need to dislodge all this anger that rather than diminishing, is steadily moving up on the spectrum of intensity to the point where it is dangerously close to walking the line between anger/hate and all that I fight AGAINST. I want this demon OUT of my body so I can get on with the greater work that needs to be done. And when I ask my body how she feels, she responds like a wolf.

Like a wolf before the hunt. A wolf who knows she is a natural force to be reckoned with. That even standing alone, there are few in world who would dare provoke her wrath. (Except for men, who kill her out of fear, personal prosperity, and a severe disconnect from nature).  That with her pack….she is unstoppable. A wolf who feels the anticipation of the hunt tingling through her veins, whose muscles are quivering to be set loose, to give into their primal force. A creature who is bloodthirsty, hungry, savage, and untamable. Who sits, heart beating,  tongue lolling, tail thumping against the ground, waiting for the signal to move out. To find the scent, catch the trail, and move in for the kill that will sustain, nourish, and vitalize the body and souls of the entire pack, and by extension, the entire forrest.

And then the signal comes, one long, erie, drawn out howl. Followed by another, and another. And the whole pack joins in throats turned up, exposed, because what do we fear? Nothing. We know we have a right to sing and to be heard. We know that we can let the world know that shit is about to go down, the pack is about to hunt. Clear the streets, make way, hide in your burrows, huddle together with your herd-like mentality and illusions of safety. It doesn’t matter. We’re coming. We’ll find you. Because we are hungry, and this is what we were made for.

We look up at the moon because she demands it. She demands our respect, awe, and reverence. She delights in the songs we sing up at her and in her name, no matter what form the body they originate in takes. Her energies influence and shape us. She pulls the songs, the cries from our throats and out into the atmosphere the way she pulls the sea back from the shoreline. Pay attention.

A few months ago I saw a video of a woman performing a shamanic/musical piece in which she replicated a variety of animal sounds, including howling like a wolf. It was amazing. (here is the link )

I thought “holy shit. I wish I could howl like that.” And that was the first time I paid attention to the fact that I have a need to howl, to actually literally howl. I began practicing in the car when I was alone. My howl sounds more like a coyote who got her tail stepped on than something coming out of the woods like Ms Olga Podluzhnaya Uutay….but it nevertheless feels wonderful. Plus I love Coyotes so its all good.

I know that if I feel this way, if I have this urge, there are others out there who feel it as well, because I am aware that what I feel is a reflection of the larger feminine consciousness.

What I propose is this: Learn to howl. And if you want to howl loudly, howl loudly. Get groups of your girl friends together, (or go alone) and go out into the woods or open spaces and act like a pack of furious she-wolves. Do it in the car or shower if you are worried about freaking out the neighbors. Just take a moment to ask yourself whether howling sounds like something you want to do or not, don’t ask why, just ask if it is. And if it is, do it because it feels so freeing, so gratifying, and I think many of us could use some help in this regards right now.

What I would really like to see happen, if there is enough interest, is to stage something like a flash “Howl Mob” where hundreds of women (and men who are interested) strategically gathered in public places just start howling like banshees for a few moments before continuing about their day. So that by the time people figure out what is happening the moment has passed, and everyones left wondering “what the fuck just happened”. Why? whats the point you ask? No point. Except that I want to move the energy out, like I said. I want to be hearing wolf howls wherever I go; the beach, the supermarket, from within some unknown home in my neighborhood, barely audible through the walls and across the open desert fields.

I want a woman, any woman, who at any times feels the urge, to be able to through back her head and howl. To give voice to her emotions, her pains, her joys, her soul.  I want her to feel brave enough, confident enough, and supported enough to do so. And then I want answer her with my own call. I want to hear others join in. And then move on. No words needed. Just mutual understanding and camaraderie. It is a war cry, and a call to arms, a spiritual hug and energetic boost.

I want to rattle some nerves and shake some composures. I want to send shivers down the spines of all the domesticated little lambs who let the real threat into MY home. I want these people to know:

You may be feeling stupidly confident now, because you feel like you “won” something and that you are in the majority just because our corrupt political system allowed an atrocity like Trump to represent the United States of America. You are wrong. WE are the people. WE are the majority. And we are all around you. Wherever you go. (Numbers don’t matter anyways when you pit sheep against wolves).

Awakened Woman cannot be contain, defined, or divided by politics OR numbers.

You may think that now you can continue to point the finger and place blame for your complaints on people other than yourself. You may think you are now justified in your ignorance and your sexist/racist infused opinions. You’re not.

You are not safe and you did not win. You are as screwed as the rest of us.

If you are a woman, you did not win.

If you have daughters, you did not win.

If you believe that the environment is something worth preserving, protecting, and actively healing, you did not win.

If you believe it the right of every individual to love freely whomever they choose, you did not win.

If you want to see the gap between the elite and the impoverished close rather than widen, you did not win.

If you believe in the importance and value of diversity for health and well-being, as proven by Nature, Science, & common sense, you did not win.

Basically, if you are not directly involved in the cooperations and personal investments that are behind the kind of legislation Trump is going to be (and already started to!) implementing, you did not win. In fact, you should be very, very worried. And I dislike saying “should” as much as I dislike worrying.

This is not about you or me or whose side won or who is right and wrong. It is about humanity. It it is about life on earth. Not to sound dramatic, but the future of humankind is kinda at stake here. So get with it. Wake. The.Fuck. Up. NOW!

If you don’t things are going to be very unpleasant for you for the next few years, because big changes are coming. Those who resit these changes are going to struggle unnecessarily. Those who are able to adapt, evolve, think independently, and go with the flow, are going to thrive.

There is no point in arguing. Let’s just sit back and watch. Time will prove me right. Because life always favors that which promotes balance and harmony, especially in times of chaos and transition. Times such as these. The pendulum has begun to swing the other way. It doesn’t matter if “your” president won, because we have Nature on our side, and she always wins. You are either for or against her, and I mean that in more ways than the obvious. Its not just about what you say. Its about what you do. Or don’t do. Choose your side wisely, and be ready for the consequences of that choice, whatever it may be.


Artwork by: Susan Seddon Boulet


This is OUR time, Rise….


Words I need to hear. Beautifully written by:
Tara Sophia Mohr

“If the angels could have sat you down for a chat when you were on the way in to this life (among some other comments about love, fear, and your glory), they might have said this:”
“Now, my dear, a little context: you are entering into a transitional time.”
“The past: A world led, designed and defined by men.

The future: A world led, designed and defined by women and men.

The present: The transition. Yes, we’ve put you on the transition team.”
“What’s so tricky to understand, dear one, is that as a woman of this transitional time, what is inside of you will be very different from what is outside of you. What you have to bring into the world will be very different from what you see before you as the status quo of the world. Yet what you have to bring forth is not crazy or wrong. In fact, it’s just what the world needs.”
“It’s as if the world is all purple and you and your sisters are going to bring in the yellow. Or as if it’s blue and you are going to bring in the red.”
“That means that whether you signed up for it or not, you will be a revolutionary. You will be a revolutionary whether you love that idea or whether you’d prefer to just do your thing quietly “to be a teacher, a nurse, a doctor, a businesswoman, an artist, a mom, a grandmother, a volunteer, an entrepreneur.”
“You will be a revolutionary because any woman who is being authentic in her work will bring forth ideas and ways of working that run counter to the status quo of her company, industry, community, a status quo defined by masculine values and masculine ways of working.”
The angels might have added this: ‘So if you ever start to doubt or hold back or silence yourself because the questions you have, the ideas in your mind, or the way you work are so different from the status quo, remember that difference is exactly what is meant to be. You are here to bring forth a different way.’
“It’s the hard and thrilling work you get to do this time around. It’s the ‘women’s work’ of our particular moment in history.”
“You don’t have do the whole work, but you are asked to do the slice of that work that has been given to you.”
“Now, before you exclaim that you just don’t know what that slice is, or panic because you don’t have time or bandwidth for anything extra, let’s remember: this isn’t work that takes additional time. This is work about how you live each moment of your life.”
“And this isn’t work you have to go find or discover. It’s the work that is right in front of you, in the ways you feel called to speak, to act, to reinvent, to heal in the imperfect, messy situations you find yourself in right now. Your piece of the work is already whispering to you if not talking to you loudly yet. It’s the ideas in your mind and heart right now.”
“You are only asked to not stop up those things in you that most want to be expressed. If you let them flow forth, you will have done your revolutionary work, and you will have done it beautifully.”
“You don’t need to do it alone, though sometimes you might feel like you are alone. You walk on this path with a world of women who are surviving on the rocky ground of this world while also changing it to a richer, healthier soil. If you look for it, you will start to see all around you this shared path of the women in your midst, each working to bring forth a different way to some aspect of the world.”
“Know this: you are blessed in this work. Every step of the path you walk in this work has been blessed and blessed and blessed again before you traverse it. The angels are giddy, for they love love, and they can see the world that you are enabling to come into being.”
© Copyright 2013 ~ Tara Sophia Mohr All Rights Reserved

Original artwork By: @shewhois

Edit By: @saralee820




The past few days have been an emotional roller coaster, for various reasons. This month- seriously, I was not expecting this kind of intense energy to kick off the year, but I can’t say I’m not excited about it, once I allowed myself to roll with it….
Part of what I have been experiencing has been triggered by the swearing in of trump. But this goes deeper than the president. It is about us, as a people, as a culture, and as a global leader. And guys- we are fucking up. Bad. We can’t blame Donald Trump. We can only blame ourselves. WE are the ones who have perpetuated, accepted, silently endured, vocally complained while sitting on our asses watching the news eating our oversized dinners, while actively participating in a system that perverts the feminine, brainwashes and enslaves the masses, condones and even protects rapists and sexual predators. A system that allowed a racist, sexist, hateful, fear-mongering man like Donald Trump to represent my country, one of the most beautiful and powerful countries in the world…and this is what it has come to. From healthy thriving communal villages living in balance and harmony with the land, seas of free-roaming buffalo, streams of crystal clear mountain water teeming with fish completely free of toxins and cancer causing chemicals, celebrating the seasons and nature together as extended families within our communities where rape was an incomprehensible concept, to this: a country with next to nothing left of its native people or culture, who we are STILL not protecting or supporting adequately. Not even close. A country who’s awe-inspiring, medicinal, nourishing, healing, natural landscapes are being permanently destroyed at an alarming rate so that individuals and corporations can collect monetary profits. A country who’s population is becoming unhealthier! With people who would rather drift through life in a drug induced stupor rather than face the truth that their emotions and bodies are telling them: we are killing ourselves. We are killing the planet. And there is no division between the two. Things are severely out of balance. Just open your eyes and look around. We have become a country who is represented by a man who represents everything that is dangerous and damaging to equality, freedom, nature, and the sacred feminine. A man a detached from Source as one could be. Who is a real threat to what I believe in. And yet HE is not the problem. He is one symptom of a much deeper problem. Mass shootings and acts of terrorism are another. Increased numbers of children being born with autism are another. Acts of violence and rape are another. The fact that most of us have to spend the majority of our days (=OUR LIVES!) working away from our family’s for someone else’s profit just so we can meet our basic needs because we have not been taught how to survive any other way- this is another symptom ….And I know this is the something people the world over experience at a much more severe level than I, and that isn’t right either. We need to start protecting one another and standing up for one another, (and ourselves!) despite our religions, cultures, or beliefs. We need to focus on what is really important here. And what is really at stake …i am speaking for myself of course. How I feel, what I have observed.
Yesterday gave me so much hope. So much inspiration. I can FEEL the power that has been gathered and continues to grow. I can feel that finally, FINALLY- this “power” is rooted in #love and #acceptance. The acceptance of diversity. The acceptance of our responsibility to preserve, protect, and propagate it. #acceptance is not #apathy . Acceptance is becoming peaceful about what is, even if you don’t like it, and then thinking/acting appropriately. This is a movement led by US. By #women , by #minorities , by the disempowered who have finally, finally, had enough. You went too far #patriarchy . This time, there is no going back.
The world helped heal me yesterday. I am so SO grateful.
Part of what Andrew and I have been discussing over the past few days are our own lifestyles and how we can adjust them to better reflect the people we want to be as parents and as compassionate human beings living in harmony and gratitude with the world around us. We are going to try to start exploring with greater seriousness the idea of rewilding and of educating ourselves to be better equipped to maintain control of our own health and well-being and how we are going to share our discoveries with the little goddesses we care for. Eventually, I would like to arrive at a place where we are living a 100% Eco-friendly lifestyle, but honestly, we have a long way to go.
We’ve decided to approach this in the spirit of curiosity, exploration, and experimentation. We are more than capable of making MANY changes in our day-to-day that would put us more in alignment with how we truly want to be living, and one thing we discussed was the idea of not using electricity for lighting after dark. And then the power went out. From 1pm to 1am. The wind was howling. The rain was being driven in under the front door and around the windows. Rainbow after rainbow stretched out across the sky. Emotions were raging. Mental debris was getting brutally blown away with the angry winds. And I was in heaven. This was exactly what I asked for. This is exactly what I needed. Silence. True deep silence except for the storm and the sounds of my own children and life partner. No internet. No cell connection. No hum of the refrigerator. No artificial light or heat. In each others arms, surrounded by candlelight, love, and a mutual awed respect of Mother Natures power.
As the energy calmed I again felt called to consult my mermaid oracle deck, the one that had called me on the night I learned trump had won the presidency. I made a previous post about it on Instagram. I had pulled the “wave of power”. Last night, I shuffled the deck and poured all my emotions, questions, and uncertainties into it. Then I pulled the “wave of power”. Again. The exact same card. For the exact same questions. Ok Universe. I hear you. And thank you. And to each and every one of you I’ve never met yet nonetheless feel so intimately connected to. Thank you. I love you.
This morning I awoke to snow falling silently outside my windows. I am happy. I am grateful. I am going to protect this beauty, this life my husband and I have built together out of our love and our shared beliefs. I am going to protect in in any way I can alongside the people who also recognize what it is we have to loose. We will triumph. Because nature always wins. Balance is always restored, and we are the ambassadors and instigators of that balance.

Welcome Home

IMG_4138Photography: Kelly W.

There was a time when it was extraordinarily unsafe to give voice to an idea or opinion which went against the culturally accepted norm. In many ways, challenging the mainstream can still be dangerous, but the immediate threat of persecution or bodily harm is no longer such a factor. At least for me here in California, for which I am grateful….

With the creation of the internet, for better or worse, people have been able to express all and any ideas imaginable from the safety and security of their living room couch, and all behind a screen of anonymity if desired. This has allowed for the formation of what I call ‘the modern tribe’; groups of individuals with similar ideas and values finding each other and connecting in virtual, village like communities on social media platforms or blogs such as this. For myself, the past few years have been a truly eye opening experience as to how truly un-alone I am in my beliefs. This has been both encouraging and reassuring for me in my own mind.

While I have always been comfortable enough with my spirituality to be content with my own being, I was for a long time, under the impression that not very many people viewed or experienced the world the way I did. That was ok, albeit a bit lonely at times. But my spirituality was something I formed on my own. Well mostly, of course we are never truly alone 😉 No one told me this was the way things were. I do not come from a religious family or a long line of witches. I am however, fortunate enough to have a diverse, supportive, and open minded family, for all of whom I am inexpressibly grateful. With their love and blessings, I was allowed to pursue any unorthodox idea that sparked my interest and blossom spiritually in the privacy of my inner sanctum.

Imagine my surprise, when as a young adult, I began to come across information that mirrored my personal experiences and beliefs almost exactly. Often I would read a line from a book that so resonated with my core I would think “Yes! There is someone else like me out there! This person gets it! This is the beginning of a movement! The long awaited paradigm shift is occuring!”, and excitedly flip to the cover page for the print date, expecting of course for the book or article I was reading to be the latest and most cutting edge of spiritual and/or scientific works, only to find the item had been written decades, sometimes centuries (yes, centuries!), ago. Of course, much of what I encounter now is indeed recent and modernly mind blowing, but I now have a better understanding of life and the way the soul works on this frontier, (disclaimer: I am by no means an expert, simply a woman drawing her own conclusions based on a short period of time on this beautiful Earth.) I am unique. But not that unique. What I think, the ever evolving conclusions I come to about this life and the mysteries of existence in general, have been thought of before, by a multitude of others. It may seem strange, but I find comfort in that. There is a certain validity of my own inner truths and the sometimes eccentric seeming path I walk, in knowing that throughout history, men and woman the world over have arrived at the same place I find myself now, regardless of age, race, gender, culture, economic status, or nationality. That these feelings I experience in my core are shared by so many that have come before, as well as millions who live and breathe along with me each day, encourages me to continue to explore and evolve both spiritually and physically. I see now this process is not mine alone. It is collective. And it is not a newly occurring phenomenon, but one that has been happening for generations, perhaps even longer than I can comprehend. It certainly began long before I was born, and is sure to continue well after my death. This awakening is not happening to me. It is happening. It is happening on and through the Earth, to humanity, to global consciousness. And because I happen to be alive right now, I am experiencing it along with millions of others. I am part of it. We are part of it.

And that is the purpose of this here little blog. To let you know you are not alone. We are actually very unique, you and I, not in that we are waking up, not because we can claim “expanded awareness” or “higher consciousness”, but because we have this unique technology and capability for connection that has never before been available to our predecessors. We can share our stories, our challenges, our hopes, fears, and dreams, in an instant, and with more people than ever before. Even our ancestors, for whom storytelling and the sharing of tales and experiences was an integral part of life and community, did not have this amazing tool at their disposal. What can we accomplish if we reach out with sincerity and honesty to those people of our soul tribe who may live miles upon miles away? Can it be we are at the precipice of beginning to overcome the challenge of time and space? What magic can occur if these virtual communities give us the opportunity not just to find and connect with our brothers and sisters in our local neighborhoods, but with those of our heart clan who live across oceans, on foreign continents, dancing with exotic spirits and communing with unfamiliar faces of God/dess? Is there anything stopping us from becoming true citizens of the world? Of finding our friends and family in any geographic location we may find ourselves or desire to explore? Perhaps I am overly optimistic, but I really can’t see why not.

And so I welcome you here sister, mother, grandmother, friend. I hope you can find something that nourishes your body, mind, or spirit. More than anything, I encourage you to look within, to be true to who you really are, and to share your radiance with the world. Let’s share our stories with each other, and support and love each other. We are all connected, we are all in this together. One woman’s success and happiness is all of ours to partake in. Her pain and fear is felt by us all. By giving love and encouragement to even a single woman in need, you help to heal not just her, not just yourself, but all the females in the world, and ultimately, the world itself. Does it seem far-fetched? I assure you it is not. And so, if there is something you wish to share, (maybe you have a blog of your own?), do not hesitate to write me. I cannot promise I will be able to post/publish everything here that is submitted, but I am eager to make this site a grassroots community of health, happiness, and well being, built by all of us. So whether you are skilled in spell-casting, yoga, parenting, painting, healthy cooking, positive thinking, tarot reading, or lovemaking, we want to hear about it. This site depends on you, and your beautiful and inspiring contributions.

We would also like to encourage you to participate in commenting on those items you feel drawn to or touched by, and to assure you it is perfectly ok if you simply want to casually peruse the site and read an item here or there. Your energy and presence, in any form, is appreciated, welcomed, and loved. We hope you feel at home here. Welcome to the tribe.


***Please submit any articles or appropriate material to You maintain all rights and responsibilities to your original works and will be contacted before anything is reposted here. You will be properly credited for all that you contribute. We look forward to your magic.***

All My Love- Sara

When you love a wild woman


“If she should catch your eye or brush your hand.

If you meet on a chance encounter and see the magic fizz between the two of you, if you have known her for years and suddenly feel “that way” about her, or if you have her already and don’t know how to keep her, if you love her—then love her as an action.

Love her with everything you’ve got:

Respect her as a wonder, not to be held on to or possessed, but to be rejoiced in every moment.

Be the man that she deserves and make love magic rather than expecting it to “just be.”

Do not be selfish in your desire. Work like hell, but do it together.

Grasp life by the wings and sail with her, not on her.

Do not crave her heart. Instead, honor it and treasure the parts she shows you, knowing that it was created to be free.

Do not be jealous of her smile, her laugh, her body or her love. They are only yours if she gives them to you. You will never own them.

Realize the absurdity of wanting security when life itself is insecure and finite. Accept that the only integral promise she can make is to tell you the truth. No “forevers,” no “till death do us part,” only truth. And that’s enough.

See it her way. Even if she can’t see it yours.

Smile at the pleasure she brings to others and do not resent it and wish it all for you.

Respect her past as she does and know that it is only her past that brought her here and that without it you would never have found her. She has chosen you.

Do not use intimacy as a reassurance of love, but be secure in yourself and know that she does not control your happiness and is not here to fix any unease with your life.

Do not crave her gentle moans and whispers and never, ever expect them. Bask in the beauty of those moments and show her all of you in return.

Let her fly and do not stunt her desires because you are scared of losing her to them. Support her dreams; entwine yourself in them if she wants you there. But let her go too. Give her freedom and choice because in following her heart she is most happy.

Love her fully. With intent. With passion. Selflessly. And with all of you.

The way true love demands.” ~Andy Charrington

Nice to Meet You!

IMG_4140 Photography: Kelly W.

We are a sisterhood of moon dancing, dream weaving, enchantment crafting, life loving women who are joining forces of love and gratitude to create a pillar of creativity, inspiration, and support for each other during this crazy & beautiful experience called life:

Kendra- Certified hypnotherapist, astrology nut, and reiki practitioner. Mother. Fantasy crafting, crystal collecting, ocean dwelling, moon gazing friend of mermaids. Loves the unconventional. Lives for the unknown.

Gabby- adventure seeking, nature loving, boundary pushing, barefoot dancing, unabashed feminist. Butterfly whisperer. Untamed mother of wild child. Explorer of new frontiers, internal and external. Eater of delicious food and seeker of the real. Student of Mother Earth.

Sara- Mother, writer, reader, and connoisseur of the sensual. Wild creature exploring the nuances of ‘civilization’. Ecofeminist tea drinker. Intuitive tarot reader. Animal lover, magic practitioner, meditation enthusiast & gypsy dreamer. Believes in Fairies.